Why Yoga-Works works!

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many companies now recognize the value of yoga and are offering classes to their employees.

Unlike other exercise routines yoga is low impact, improves strength and flexibility, builds concentration, and reduces mental and physical stress and tension.

In addition, yoga is known to eradicate fatigue and generate energy, all of which lead to increased productivity and morale.

Yoga exercises are simple and can be modified for different skill levels and abilities - perfect for the office environment!

About Yoga-Works

Yogi and founder of Yoga-Works is Tanja Asgarkhani who is practicing yoga for more than 15 years and still enjoys it every single day. Before becoming a full-time dedicated yogi, Tanja had a corporate career in online-media working for several successful companies.

Early in her life she discovered that practicing yoga helped her to keep balance in her career, social life and family at the same time. Now she wants to share that experience with others, teaching them what yoga can do for them in their (hectic) lives.

Yoga-Works only works with “Yoga Alliance’ registered teachers. For more information please visit the website: www.yoga-works.nl

Company details

Would you like to know more what Yoga-Works can do for you or your company? Please do not hesitate and contact us. And learn about the benefits of having yoga-classes in the workplace for both Employees as well as Employer.

Our contact details are:
Mail : info@yoga-works.nl
Phone : 020 - 3629922 /Mobile : +31 6 44772711